House Blends

Using only 100% pure essential oils, our house blends have been carefully crafted for your olfactory enjoyment.
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free spirit

Inspired by dear friend who wanted their favourite soap scent transformed into a candle, this patchouli-based blend has a heady mix of blood orange, clementine, lemongrass, lavender, pine and frankincense making it quite a dynamic, well balanced invigorating yet relaxing blend. It also reminds us of hippies.

bug off

This candle is a great smelling alternative to citronella and just as effective at keeping bugs at bay. Our bug off blend is cedarwood, cinnamon and lemongrass and yes - may also be enjoyed indoors during the winter.


Based on an authentic Chai recipe, this is one of our go-to favourites when we need an energizing hit of anti-stress awesomeness. Warm, creamy tea undertones with a hint of cinnamon and exotic spice notes, this scent is comforting and uplifting all at once. 3 of the oils used in this beautiful 5 oil blend are known for their anti-stress qualities. Throw in essential oils for fighting fatigue and depression and you’ve got yourself a lovely chai buzz-on!


Fresh is the best way to describe this walk through the woods captured in a candle. Essential oils of fir and pine help with respiration while cedar wood is calming with anti-stress properties, to soothe you while you breathe better and ground you while you relax.


Fresh and Earthy, Woodsy is reminiscent of a walk in the woods without being overwhelmingly strong. Don’t let the mild smell fool you, this blend of essential oils is loaded with aromatherapeutic benefits. Calming, grounding, anti-anxiety, anti-depressive, anti-stress, anti-fatigue and mind-clearing are a few. And we haven’t even mentioned the aphrodisiac or insect repellant qualities yet!

Cinnamon Bun

Deliciously sweet without being sickly, Cinnamon Bun smells so delicious! Energizing, uplifting and anti-stress qualities makes this the best calorie-free Cinnamon Bun you’ve EVER had!

Sensual Blend

Sensual floral heaven would be the most apt description of this scent. Lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot create a superstar anti-anxiety trifecta with the ylang ylang giving us that sultry, heady sensual sweetness with aphrodisiac qualities.

Feel Brighter Blend

Light with a citrus crispiness, this 4 oil blend has a sexy kick in that 3 of the oils used have aphrodisiac benefits! The undertones of ylang ylang keep things sweet and sultry smelling while ginger is uplifting and energizing. We’re considering selling these candles with a warning label. ;)

Feel Better Blend

Lavender, bergamot and geranium blended beautifully create the base for this depression and anxiety fighting candle. Those sweet, soft florals topped off with cinnamon leaf and frankincense make this blend a balanced pleasure to be around.

Leather Lover

When asked what the ‘Manliest’ smelling candle is, the response is ALWAYS this one. Leather Lover is suitable for anyone who LOVES the smell of freshly tanned leather. Vetiver is the strongest scent here but it’s cut with bergamot which is light and crisp and balances this out beautifully. This candle’s essential oils have soothing, calming, grounding, anti-stress, anti-depressive, anti-anxiety and exhaustion fighting properties.

Fresh Bark

Fresh Bark has a great first scent then somehow, when lit, the scent grows even better. Warm, rich, fresh. Cedar wood provides the backbone for this grounding, calming treat. While vetiver and basil round out this dynamic smelling candle with energizing, exhaustion fighting, mind-clearing benefits. Fresh bark is never out of our Top 3 Favourites list!


A double dose of 2 different types of orange essential oil, blood and sweet, and 3 different spices, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon bark blended together in a comforting blend of happy!

Soft Spice

Is there anything this candle can’t do? Not sure! An incredible blend of 7 essential oils, Soft Spice is uplifting, energizing, fatigue and depression fighting as well as being calming and grounding with anti-stress properties. This beauty is soft yet spicy and a must-try for sure. Please be aware, these candles are habit forming.

Winter Wood

Don't let the name fool you, this candle can be burned ALL YEAR ROUND. First it grabs you with a beautiful, fresh evergreen like smell and then it delights with a final sweet note. Dynamic!

orange cinnamon campfire

Great any time of year, this spicy campfire blend is sure to transport you to 'summer daze' of smoky nights! Cinnamon Bark, Sweet Orange and Birch make up this wonderful rich blend.